• Ruchika Patel
  • Pooja Bhatt


Data mining is the process of extraction of hidden predictive information from the huge databases. It is a new technology with great latent to help companies focus on the most important information in their data warehouses. Web mining is a data mining techniques which automatically discover information from web documents. The amount of data and its dynamicity makes it impossible to crawl the World Wide Web (WWW) completely. It’s a challenge in front of crawlers to crawl only the relevant pages from this information explosion. Thus a focused crawler solves this issue of relevancy by focusing on web pages for some given topic or a set of topics. Nowadays finding meaningful information among the billions of information resources on the World Wide Web is a difficult task due to growing popularity of the Internet. This paper basically focuses on study of the various techniques of data mining for finding the relevant information from World Wide Web using web crawler.


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