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Malyala Sravya Lakshmi, Gadi Lava Raju


This article is a deal with the Review study of visual cryptography there is a need for study. The information helps the mathematician, computer engineers, Academicians’ and researchers for better understanding of data whenever it is required. So for this a study is made on the basis of secondary data. Cryptography in the study of mathematical techniques related aspects of information security such as confidentialities, data security, entity authentication, but it is not only the means of providing information security, rather one of the techniques. Visual cryptography is a new technique which provides information security which uses simple algorithm unlike the complex, computationally intensive algorithms used in other techniques like traditional cryptography. This technique allows Visual information like pictures, text. to be encrypted in such a way that their decryption can be performed by the human visual system, without any complex cryptographic algorithms. . In this paper we provide an overview of the emerging Visual Cryptography (VC) and related security. Research work done in this area.

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