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Raj Kumar Mondal, Debabrata Sarddar


This survey paper is more focused and can serve those who like to overall concept about all data centric routing for wireless sensor networks. To the best of our knowledge, our paper is the first work to make a classification of routing protocols in sensor networks. Sensor networks are classified by considering several architectural factors such as network dynamics, data aggregations, node capabilities and the data delivery model. Such classification is helpful for a designer to select the appropriate infrastructure for his/her application. Our work is a dedicated study of different data centric routing protocol. Wireless sensor network (WSN) consists of small and low-cost sensor nodes with capability of sensing various types of physical and environmental conditions, data processing and wireless communication. Routing in sensor networks is very challenging, due to several characteristics that distinguish them from contemporary communication and wireless ad-hoc networks. Many new goal and data-oriented algorithms have been proposed for the problem of routing data in sensor networks. Most routing protocols can be classified as data-centric, hierarchical and location-based. Data-centric protocols are query-based and depend on the naming of desired data and also do some aggregation and reduction of data in order to save energy. Hierarchical protocols aim at clustering the nodes. Location-based protocols utilize the position information to relay the data to the desired regions. In this paper, we give a survey of data-centric routing protocols for Wireless Sensor Network and compare their strengths and limitations. We also highlight the advantages and performance issues of each routing technique.

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