Dvadasham (Dodeca) Edge Filter for Impulse Noise, Gaussian Noise, Quantum Noise Reduction in Images

  • Naveen R Chanukotimath
  • Feroz Khan
  • Keerthi Prasad G
  • Imran Khan
  • Deepak D J
  • Nasreen Taj M B


All image processing techniques need to extract meaningful information from images. However, the noise generated during image acquisition and transmission degrades the human interpretation, or computer-aided analysis of these images. Therefore, denoising should be performed to improve the image quality for more accurate analysis and diagnosis, So we thought of designing a generic image filter that can be applicable to remove Impulse noise, Gaussian noise, Quantum noise. In this paper we propose a novel image denoising technique Dvadasham (Dodeca) Edge Filter (DEF). We applied this filter on various images, obtained the results by measuring parameters like Standard Deviation, Homogeneity and compared it with the results of existing Fuzzy Filter. The results obtained with DEF are quite promising than Fuzzy Filter.


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