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Analysis of an Integrated Security System using Real time Network Packets Scrutiny

K. Umamageswari, L. Thiyagarajan, K.P. Suresh Kumar


With the tremendous growth of internet services, websites are becoming indispensable and common source through which they are made accessible to all. Intrusion by worms or viruses through the network is continuously increasing and evolving. Firewall and intrusion detection and prevention subsystem, and its functionality is becoming more advanced for the security system against external attacks that use various security vulnerabilities. As such, enterprises are investing in various measures for an integrated security system to identify the threats of network security-based security vulnerabilities and cope with theme effectively. In sum, the network visibility plane should facilitate the following changes in network monitoring for the purposes of promoting disaggregation of analytics tool functions for long term monitoring sustainability and flexibility. In this work, the network packet in-depth test-based, integrated security system that analyzes the threat factors through an overall study of network packets dispersed in real-time and applies various protection functions to manage with integrated security threats in the future.

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