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A Generic Evolution of Key Using Quantum Cryptography Management for Transcript

Basant Dhakad, Dharmendra Gwala, Manish Sharma, Vivek Shrivastava


Network Security is play very important role in Network system, Because in networked systems, the major security risks occur while conducting business on the Net; The following are some of the security risks occur: unauthorized access, Eavesdropping, Password sniffing, spoofing-spoofing, Denial of Service, virus attack, System modification, Data modification, Repudiation, E-mail bombing. Not With data storage and processing snowballing into a necessity from being an efficient part of any business process or organization, the need for securing storage at various degrees of granularity is gaining considerable interest. The challenge in designing an encrypted file system stems from balancing performance, security perception, ease of usage and enterprise level deploy ability. Often, the most secure solutions may not even be the best solution either due to hit on performance or due to decreased usability. Further, narrowing the trust circle to exclude even hitherto trusted system administrators makes creating an encrypted file system a huge engineering exercise.

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