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S. Mahalakshmi, K. Rajalakshmi, M.K. Varadarajan


Lung cancer is the common cause of death among people. Detection of the tumor at the early stage can increase the chance of survival. Survival rate for lung cancer patients can increase from 14% to 49% if the disease is detected in time. Problem seemed to be increased while using x-ray for detection of tumor in lung cancer. Computed tomography is more efficient than x-ray. Hence, a lung cancer detection system using image processing is designed to classify the presence of lung cancer in ct-images. MATLAB have been used in all the procedures. In image processing, image pre-processing, segmentation and feature extraction processes has been implemented. Then the extracted features are given as input to the fuzzy system where a rule base is created and the fuzzy system provides the information about the stages of lung cancer.

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