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Wireless Anomaly Detection based on Hacker Behaviour Analysis



This paper will look at the nature and structure of wireless sensor network attacks and the tools, actions and processes that can be used to identify and respond to such attacks. A brief overview examining the anatomy of an attack and the creation of botnets will be presented and the motivation that drives such on-line malicious activity, the type of tools that are used in modern attacks, which is behind these and the impact they have will be discussed. Identifying attack streams and understanding the nature of TCP/IP traffic will be discussed through the use of Wireshark and their operation and contribution to combating malicious network activity will be considered. As practical, hands-on exercises, participants will be able to simulate a network attack and response scenario by trying to penetrate a remote network while at the same time protecting their own network from attack. This will be done using the tools and techniques discussed earlier and by remotely accessing a real wireless sensor network (WSN) running in the NS-3 Simulator.

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