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A Cost Effective Approach for Provisioning In Cloud

Manisha Ghorpade, Mangesh Wanjari


Cloud computing allows business customers to scale up and down their resource usage based on their requirements. Many of the hyped gains in the cloud model are derived from resource multiplexing through virtualization. A load balancer which calculates the load on individual virtual server can be used to divert the web session load from server to server to enhance the response time to individual clients. By shifting multiple servers we can save the energy and also give advantage of dynamic resource allocation to the cloud users. Hence, we are proposing the system that uses collection of Virtual Machines (VMs) running on unused computers at the edge and uses virtualization technology to allocate resources dynamically based on application demands. We are trying to implement a set of heuristics that prevent overload in the system. The concept of parallel computing is used in which master machine or server allocates task to all connected (available) client machines and acknowledgement given back to the master after completion of the task. Master also keeps track of load balancing and failure management.

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