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A Comparative Study of Context-Based Information Refinding

A.P. Nivethith, D. KeranaHanirex, Dr.K.P. Kaliyamurthie


We present a comparative study of query analysis for efficient context-based information refinding system. Refinding what we have done before is a common behavior of human in real life. According to the human natural recall characteristics, users allow to refinding web pages which have seen before. Psychological studies show that context under which information was accessed can helps as a powerful cue for information recall. Here context including time, place and concurrent activity could serves as a useful information recall clues. We build a recall based query model, linking to the previous accessedinformation contents. We explore the use of context cluster and association to efficiently process the context-based refinding queries. In context memory dynamically evolve in life cycles; there are memory’s decay and reinforcement phenomena. Thus take contextual information refinding of various paper and make comparison of how to contextual cues to refind the WebPages effectively.

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