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Analysing Net Neutrality with Indian Netizens’ Perspective

Manish Kumar Singh, Professor GS Baluja, Dinesh Sahu


Net neutrality is a sensitive cyber issue which expresses the right to Internet users to have net services without any discrimination on the basis of source, destination, or ownership of any kind of Internet traffic. This idea has laid the foundation for vigorous and high noted debate over public policy and private ownership across the many parts of the world over governmental regulation of the Internet or Internet access. The concept of Net Neutrality is new among Indian netizens (a term frequently used for internet citizens/users) which has become a matter of great concern among them and so has attracted a large media attention in a very short while. Nobody pay for electricity on the basis of which brand of appliances one uses, so why should one pay for the internet access on the basis of which brand –  viz. whose website or app – one access? This paper is an attempt to put light on the debate of net neutrality and the need for keeping the Internet away from the petty politics and business profits. Further this paper, at the most of its part, has put deep analysis and rationale view over the overgrowing concern about Net Neutrality in India. Internet is unarguably Human Being’s greatest invention of the past century which should be and must be fairly accessible to all netiznes.

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