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Zone-based Proactive Source Routing Protocol for Ad- hoc Networks

Sangheethaa S., Shyamily P V


Ad-hoc networks has become a hot topic in the research world. Routing in ad-hoc networks has faced so many problems due to the peculiar nature of adhoc environments. In this paper a new routing protocol based on source routing and zone based routing is proposed. Proactive source routing protocol (PSR) is a method to reduce overhead in ad hoc networks by making use of BFSTs (Breadth First Spanning Trees). Zone routing protocol (ZRP) uses partition based routing. It uses source routing inside a zone and on-demand routing outside the zone. This paper proposes an approach which combines the advantages of both proactive and zone based routing protocols. The simulations are done in ns2 and the results show that the Z-PSR i.e. zone based proactive source routing protocol performs better compared to PSR.

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