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Ashwath S, Aravind K R, Joshua Jacob


Cloud computing is a concept which is being implemented worldwide and the cloud has no borders.  Computers that are used to process and store the data can be located anywhere in the world. These locations depend on where the required capacities are available across the globe. Many organizations use cloud storage for storing their critical information due to the attractive features of cloud computing. The sensitive data can be remotely stored by the users in the cloud and accessed by using thin clients whenever required. Data Security in cloud computing is regarded as one of the major issues in the cloud today. It can be risky to store data in the cloud because of the use of the internet by cloud-based services which means less control over the data. Grabbing all the benefits of the cloud as well as maintaining data security controls over the organizational assets is regarded as one of the major concerns of the cloud. We aim to propose a more reliable, decentralized light weight key management technique for cloud-based systems that provide more efficient data security using Homomorphic encryptions and key management in cloud-based systems. The technique that we proposed provides better security against byzantine failure, server colluding and data modification attacks.

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