• Dr. Netravati U.M
  • Dr. Veeragandharaswamy TM


In early days the universities were having the practice of hanging wooden Notice boards. This method of passing on the information was having various problems. We consider the case study of professional Colleges, where information is a vital key for knowing the updates of the campus. The objective of this paper is to provide the access to notices, articles, images and videos quickly within the college premises and organization, also wherever and whenever they necessitate knowing. This Notice Board work without internet connection, hence it is a reliable one. The major strength of the Electronic Notice Board developed, is an application that its usability is fully capable of passing relevant notices, announcements and keeping the users updated from time to time. The user is kept updated each time the E-Notice Board is uploaded based on their preferences with respect to the departments and categories. From this we can overcome the problems associated with the GSM Technology used.


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