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Moses Adah Agana, Bassey Igbo Ele, Paul T Bukie


This study focused on the development of a distributed airline reservation system that is capable of resolving some problems of the existing system that include the difficulty to easily reschedule previously booked flights online or transfer ownership of tickets from one user to the other without consulting office agents, inability to support users who want to book and travel instantly rather than the prior 72 hours booking before the departure time, and also the inability of users to control their times of flight instead of choosing prescribed times provided by the airline agents. Existing reservation systems, airline reservation systems and reservation techniques were explicitly examined as a guide to the development of the new system. The system was designed using the structured system analysis and design methodology (SSADM) and developed using PHP, JavaScript and HTML as the programming languages, while the database was designed using MySQL. Case tools and data flow diagram were used during the development process to simulate the process of airline reservation and ticket booking. The system was tested using sample data collected from Aero Contractors and the outcome was a more user-friendly airline reservation system capable of resolving the problems identified in the existing system.

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