Keywords: Microarray Technology, Gene Expression Data, Genes Selection, Clustering Algorithms, Clustering validation


The technology of DNA Microarray has the ability to measure the levels of gene expression in different experimental conditions. Thousands of genes are generated in microarray experiments. The problem is that not all genes are significant; some of the genes may be noisy and irrelevant. The algorithms of Gene Selection are one of the important steps in the discovery of knowledge to select genes which are more informative. The other central goal of analyzing the data of gene expression is to identify genes that have similar patterns by using clustering processes. Clustering is a crucial process in the processes of data mining. It can divide genes into groups so that genes within the same group have similar features and share common biological functions.  In this study, the method of mutual information for gene selection has been applied because it is able to detect nonlinear relationships between genes data. After that, the K-Means algorithm is applied to cluster data. The proposed approach results showed that it is capable of refining the data of gene expression for improved quality of clusters, handling noise effectively, and reducing the computational space.


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Author Biographies

Ameer Ali AL-Mshanji, University of Babylon
Software department
Sura Zaki Al-Rashid, University of Babylon
Software department


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